SINNAI BEHAVIORAL HEALTH SERVICES, INC. comprises of two major programs for adults and children:

The basic scopes of services include:

Outpatient mental health clinic:

  • Psychological assessment
  • Psychiatric/medication evaluation
  • Behavior modification and training for parents/caregiver and children
  • parenting training /support groups
  • specialized evaluations for department of social services, department of juvenile justice and court-ordered assessments
  • School based therapy

Community integration/PRP:

  • Assistance is accessing community resources
  • Community living (e.g., housekeeping, shopping, cooking, use of transportation resources, money management, and obtaining housing and benefits)
  • Self-management skills (e.g., self-management, and grooming)
  • Building social relationship and natural support systems
  • Use of leisure time
  • Educational activities (e.g., assisting the person in securing needed education services such as adult basic education and special interest courses)
  • Wellness and recovery skill training
  • Pre-vocational activities that focus on the development of positive work habits (e.g. following a schedule, proper attire, and communication skills)
  • Participation in activities that increase the participant’s self-worth, purpose and confidence
  • Vocational opportunities such as supported employment, job training, job placement, consumer-run employment opportunities